Pay Per Click

Whether you’re a small business making a name for yourself or a leading brand with an established online presence, pay per click marketing (PPC) presents an opportunity to attract the visitors that you want.

Working with multiple advertising platforms including Google Adwords and Facebook, we run intricately planned campaigns designed to get you the people you’re looking for and who are looking for you but just don’t know it yet. Our analytics show you the

data that really counts: which keywords, locations, ad text or banners are performing best? Next, we continuously optimise your campaign with advanced testing such as A/B, multivariate, device targeting, site targeting and retargeting.

From experience we know there are opportunities to apply PPC insights to make improvements to SEO, so we ensure knowledge and data are shared between our teams. Is there a set of high-performing PPC keywords? We’ll integrate it into the SEO campaign.

Read more about how we do PPC in our PPC blog category. If you’re interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!