What is SEO and Why is it Important

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a set of practices designed to improve a website’s appearance and positioning in search results. This is an organic and natural way of getting to the top of search engine results.

SEO is seen as the best technique to use for natural and organic search engine results improvement.

The Importance of SEO

Featured image What is SEO and Why is it Important The Importance of SEO - What is SEO and Why is it Important

SEO improves the overall quality of organic traffic. The quality refers to how relevant the websites on the results are. It’s important for search results to be specific and accurate to the search query. No matter how many visitors a website gets, if it’s for the wrong reasons, it doesn’t help.

The unpaid listings on a search engine results page are what the search engine itself determines as the best and most relevant results. This is any website’s perfect spot to be at as it shows that the website is trusted and legit. This makes SEO extremely important and acts as an excellent benefit for any business.

The Workings of SEO

Featured image What is SEO and Why is it Important The Workings of SEO - What is SEO and Why is it Important

Reliable search engines use crawlers to gather details about all the content they can find on the internet. These crawlers use their starting points as well-known websites and then follow internal links and external links on those pages. The content found on these websites provides assistance to the crawlers to understand what each page and site is all about.

These crawlers‘ knowledge gets used to determine which web pages are the most relevant to each search query with search engine results. SEO uses their understanding of these ranking factors to develop search marketing strategies that include a balance of on and off pages as well as technical practices. This makes user traffic an integral part of SEO.

With most other digital and online marketing practices, such as conversion rate optimisations being related to SEO, these tactics are generally more of a traditional manner of marketing.

SEO stands as a vital marketing process in which the website doesn’t only reach higher search engine spots but also reaches a broader audience